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Groopiz is excited to announce the launch of its e-commerce solution in Vanuatu on May 1st, 2023. As an e-commerce solution provider, Groopiz aims to offer customers in Vanuatu access to a wide range of products and services at a reasonable price

Vanuatu is known for its beautiful islands, scenic landscapes, and vibrant culture, but it is not always easy for customers to find the products they need at an affordable price.

This is where Groopiz comes in – to provide an online platform where customers can browse through a variety of products, from clothing to household items, that are not readily available in Vanuatu.  


Browse and Order

Customers can browse through the products on Groopiz’s website and make their selectionsThese products are of good quality and sourced outside of the country. Once the customer chooses their desired product, they will make a payment online through the website. Groopiz will then handle the ordering process and provide notification to the customer once the merchandise is available for pick up. The customer can pick up their order directly from the container when it arrives.  

Find Discounts on products  

Customers can find discounted products on Groopiz that are already in stock. In this case, the customer can purchase the product online and pick it up directly from the local store offering the discount. We have an agreement with local stores looking to expand their process of clearing out large stocks.

Find discounts on fun and amazing experiences  

Customers can also find discounted services that are available during low season or slow periods. We partner with local businesses to provide customers with access to attractions and experiences at a discounted rate during off-peak times. This is a win-win for customers and businesses in Vanuatu, as customers can enjoy discounted prices and businesses can generate revenue during low season or slow periods. We encourage customers to check our website regularly for these limited-time offers and experience the beauty of Vanuatu at a discounted price.

Source a Product

Customers can also contact us to source a product they cannot find on the website. Our team will work to find the product from foreign countries and import it at a reasonable price.

We encourage customers in Vanuatu to visit our website and place their first order, contact our team for more information about our services, or even source a product they cannot find on the website. Groopiz is committed to providing customers in Vanuatu with a hassle-free online shopping experience that is affordable and efficient.

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